Live Event Audio & Video Support

No matter the needs of your event, VideoWorks has the experience and equipment to run it seamlessly, professionally and while working hand-in-hand with your day-of team.

Presentation Audio/Video Support

VideoWorks provides high-quality audio-visual support on-location at extremely competitive rates. With 15+ years of experience in both live and studio sound engineering and streaming and recording video in all environments, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to take your live event from the conceptual phase to the seamless, professionally produced event.

Services include:

  • Audio equipment and engineers
  • Video presentation equipment (projection, video recording)
  • Live Streaming (both the presenters AND presentation materials/images)
  • Live management of webinar technology, presenters and attendees

We LOVE getting creative with technology here at VideoWorks and would love to take your idea to its maximum potential, reach out for a quote today!

Live event audio in action, as a man gives a presentation

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Man walking with a briefcase, illustrating day in a life

Day in the Life, Legal Settlement and Demand Videos

VideoWorks has extensive experience producing day in the life, demand and settlement videos to clearly tell your client’s story before mediation so that they never have to tell it on the stand. Our settlement and demand videos humanize the impact that the case has had on your client and give the other side a view of your client that they can’t get from discovery or deposition videos.

Hand holding a VHS tape that is ready for home movie conversion to MP4

Home Movie Conversion to MP4

Your home movies are precious to you and your family and as a family business that has been converting video formats for almost 40 years, we understand how valuable these videos are, and how to best convert and preserve them for your children and grandchildren. We convert almost ALL video and audio cassette formats and vinyl to digital files, so give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone!

Laura Cooney, Deposition/Multimedia Specialist at Videoworks of Virginia, Prepping For A Zoom Event Webinar

Zoom Event and Webinar Hosting, Support and Consulting

You provide us with the contact information for participants, and we’ll handle everything else. For all virtual meetings OR virtual/in-person hybrid events, VideoWorks sets up and hosts the event, tests in advance with presenters or participants and will run your live event or Webinar so you can concentrate on the content of the event and NOT the technology.