In Person Deposition Video and Trial Presentation Technology

VideoWorks can accommodate the accurate recording and presentation of any type of evidence; be it traditional paper exhibits or high resolution radiology review, VideoWorks is prepared to display and capture ALL testimony given.

Legal Video Services

VideoWorks of Virginia’s videographers have a combined 40 years experience serving Richmond lawyers; recording/editing video depositions, day in the life, settlement and demand videos, recruiting for and running mock trials, enhancing surveillance and bodycam footage, handling trial presentation technology and consulting on low-cost IT solutions for law offices are just a few of the services we have offered trial attorneys through the years.

If your firm has an audio, video, computer or presentation question, our staff is ready to handle it.

Laura Cooney, Deposition/Multimedia Specialist of VideoWorks of Virginia

Leader in Deposition Technology

Recording Video Depositions

1 camera, 2 camera, screen capture, live radiology review, document camera, etc.

Recruiting and Running Technology

For focus groups and mock trials (NATIONWIDE)

Producing Day-in-the-Life, Settlement and Demand Videos

from recording to secure transmission to the other side.

Trial Presentation and
Technology Support

We come with all of the necessary software, equipment and knowledge of courtroom procedure and etiquette to present your case clearly and concisely while also staying out of the Judge’s way.

Surveillance/BodyCam Video Conversion and Editing

See EXACTLY what happened in your surveillance video: from transferring an entire video to a more accessible format to creating bite sized clips, zooming/cropping and “enhancing” videos for intelligibility.

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Videoworks Of Virginia Creating A Remote Focus Group

Remote Focus Groups, Mediations & Depositions

With over 40 combined years in the legal support industry, our staff can provide high-quality audio-visual support on-location or remotely, always maintaining focus on how these events will present when viewed in mediation or at trial.

Laura Cooney, Deposition/Multimedia Specialist at Videoworks of Virginia, Prepping For A Zoom Event Webinar

Zoom Event and Webinar Hosting, Support and Consulting

You provide us with the contact information for participants, and we’ll handle everything else. For all virtual meetings OR virtual/in-person hybrid events, VideoWorks sets up and hosts the event, tests in advance with presenters or participants and will run your live event or Webinar so you can concentrate on the content of the event and NOT the technology.

Man walking with a briefcase, illustrating day in a life

Day in the Life, Legal Settlement and Demand Videos

VideoWorks has extensive experience producing day in the life, demand and settlement videos to clearly tell your client’s story before mediation so that they never have to tell it on the stand. Our settlement and demand videos humanize the impact that the case has had on your client and give the other side a view of your client that they can’t get from discovery or deposition videos.