Home Movie Conversion to MP4

With over 35 years experience transferring home movies to digital formats, VideoWorks will transfer your old home movies so you can cherish and view them for years to come.

Home Movie Conversion

Your precious home movies really capture the time and feeling of your memories, but all analog video formats (including VHS, 8mm and 16mm film) deteriorate over time. Keep your videos local and in the hands of lifelong media conversion experts.

The longer they sit in the attic, the worse they will look when you get around to converting them.

VideoWorks has been converting 8mm, 16mm film and most video cassette formats to digital media for over 35 years, so give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone!

Person creating home movies on a hand-held camcorder

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Videoworks Of Virginia Creating A Remote Focus Group

Remote Focus Groups, Mediations & Depositions

With over 40 combined years in the legal support industry, our staff can provide high-quality audio-visual support on-location or remotely, always maintaining focus on how these events will present when viewed in mediation or at trial.

Reid Attaway, Owner of VideoWorks of Virginia, Setting up a camera for an in person deposition

In Person Deposition Video & Presentations

We bring trial presentation technology and experience to the live video deposition, understanding how your deposition evidence will present to a jury, and setting up the deposition room and technology to best present that evidence. You can review any evidence live with the witness and record their interactions with the evidence for review by a judge or jury.

Laura Cooney, Deposition/Multimedia Specialist at Videoworks of Virginia, Setting up live event audio and video

Live Event Audio & Video Support

VideoWorks has experience running sound, video and live streaming for everything from projector screen backyard movie night to running live streaming, audio, video and presentation technology for a 1,000 person conference.