Remote Mediations and Focus Groups

Videoworks of Virginia has been handling presentation technology for focus groups, trials and mediations (both in-person and remote) since 2010. We were already developing the skills and methodology for Remote Mediations and Focus Groups before COVID-19 hit, and since quarantine started we have managed at least 2 remote mediations and one focus group a week, with attorneys, mediators and participants agreeing that we have developed a seamless process that translates in-person mediation feel with the peace-of-mind of not having to leave your home or office.  

Videoworks-moderated mediations come with a full-time technical consultant who understands the mediation process AND the technology involved and is able to help troubleshoot and fix problems that arise, while maintaining above industry-standard security protocols.  Videoworks will walk all of the participants through the entire process, including testing with everyone and going over best practices and video/document/image presentation procedure.  If any party would prefer that VideoWorks run the visual presentation for the mediation, they need only send pertinent images and documents to Videoworks of Virginia and we can handle displaying them during the mediation to allow you to concentrate on speaking and connecting with the other attendees at a very minimal charge.

Call 804-282-2003 or e-mail today! Together, we can move some of these cases to resolution!